Sunday, September 15, 2013

Year 2 TI:GER Blog Kickoff!

Finally the crazy start to the 2nd year of MBA school has calmed down and I've been able to write a catch-up post in the TI:GER Tales blog.

This summer I took off to Charlotte, NC for an internship at Duke Energy. While this may seem like an odd choice after a full year of Entrepreneurial studies, it was a great opportunity to see how the utilities industry worked at scale. I got to take a few trips to the test solar farm of Duke Energy where they perform extensive trials of various panels to make large scale purchasing decisions. My TI:GER project helped me get this internship and even more so helped me contribute from day one at the job.

Now for some bad news: our TI:GER project on next generation solar has come to an end. The current level of efficiency and the necessary research needed to make a commercially viable product combined to make our start-up nonviable in the marketplace. Our team really wanted to stay together and continue work but we would need a new project to fill our time.

Through the resources at the TI:GER office, our team was able to connect with an ATDC start-up named NextInput. They have offered our team a consulting project that will replace our PhD project, allow us to work on a more commercializable device, and continue working as a team throughout the fall semester.

I'll be writing more about our work with NextInput and various projects for class (business model canvass and our annual pitch-off competition vs UGA are sure to be highlights).

Thanks for bearing with me during my summer absence- look forward to more frequent updates now!