Friday, December 7, 2012

Pitch Off Competiton

The 2012 Pitch Off Competition pitted the 2nd Year TI:GER students against Dr. Ku's class with three minute pitches. There were two preliminary rounds, with 4 finalists being selected to pitch once again. This was a great experience to watch these teams boil their innovations down to a tight explanation of what they were doing, what the market was for their product, and how they were going to sell their idea. As a first year student, it's always great to look at where we will be taking our solar cell over the next year and trying to make sure our focus is always on commercialization. I took video of the four finalists (Go Now , BluMetric , ANG , LymphaTech) and congrats to two TI:GER teams for placing 1st and 2nd! Apologies for the low lighting, but the powerpoint presentations and the audio are well worth watching.

My TI:GER team has been hard at work on an Industry Analysis report on the photovolatic industry to close out the semester. Look for a post on that tomorrow!

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