Thursday, September 13, 2012


My name is Malcolm Neave and I’m a first year MBA student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Although I worked as a salesman, I’ve returned to business school to focus on entrepreneurship and strategic management. Key in helping me transition successfully is the award winning TI:GER® program.

What is TI:GER? TI:GER (Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results) is a cross-functional teamwork based program that focuses on commercializing new technologies. The program is composed of three classes (four for MBA students) taken over two years. These courses teach basic concepts of innovation and commercialization from intellectual property analysis to company valuation. They also focus on issues faced by tech start-ups, such as funding strategies and project management planning. Although the course lectures are important, at the center of the TI:GER program is the group project. Each team is composed of a Georgia Tech science or engineering Ph.D., two Georgia Tech MBAs, and two Emory law students that work together to bring the Ph.D student’s research to market. These teams go through the entire entrepreneurship process, applying information learned in class to put together business plans, industry analyses, and proposal presentations.

I’ll be detailing in this blog my experiences as a first year TI:GER student: from the first class through team formation, past business plans and competitions, until the end of the program. Thanks for reading along, questions and comments are always appreciated!

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