Thursday, September 13, 2012

Welcome Reception 8/26/2012

Tonight we had a welcome reception at the home of Dr. Marie Thursby, the executive director and founder of the TI:GER program. It was a great time to mix and mingle with both the first year Ph.D. and law students, but also the second years. The second years provided a lot of insight about team formation, semester structure, and their personal successes and failures in the first year of the program. As this was our first social interaction (with great catering!) it also provided a chance to meet the JD and Ph.D students in an informal setting. Finding a team with personalities that mesh will be essential to a productive TI:GER project team and this party let me get some early insight into potential team members. I was also able to snag some fun pictures of us socializing. Lab visits are coming up next week; I’m excited to start to see what projects these Ph.D.’s are working on!  

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